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If you’re reading this, chances are something in your life feels off… 

Maybe you’re feeling stuck and frustrated by the same old  patterns that seem to keep getting in the way of achieving the life you’ve always imagined.

Even worse, you’re probably  putting in the work, but your best efforts just aren’t getting it done (and may even be part of the problem). 

When challenges such as these persist, you can find yourself lacking the energy or desire to try new things, engage in the activities you once enjoyed, or just cover the basic day-to-day responsibilities.

This can put serious strain on relationships and your overall satisfaction with your life.

Many come to therapy wanting things to change with no idea where to begin. If you’re experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, worry, and insecurities it can all feel like hell. Well, if you’re going through hell, keep going. Your victory is right on the other side of all that pain.  

If my experiences have taught me one thing, it’s that therapy has to be approached holistically.

Yet too often, it is done piece by piece. Symptom by symptom, which can feel like an overwhelming game of whack a mole. 

I use the physical experience (i.e. the body) as the foundation for beginning to examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors using a protocol called Somatic Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing therapy (SAFE EMDR).

It’s a process that makes my clients and their own bodies the expert, rather than the therapist. I become the guide, while you serve as both expert and client. This is a very different approach to therapy. This sense of client empowerment is something that is woven throughout our entire experience.

When something disturbing happens, it gets stored in the brain in a way that our human system feels like that event is either going to happen again at any moment or is happening now.

This is stored physically in the brain. When some event happens that may be similar or just has an element that reminds the system of that disturbing event, the brain reacts as if the original disturbing event is happening, which can show up as trauma, anxiety, depression, or other disruptive symptoms.

EMDR helps to move the storage of that memory to a more functional part of the brain that can experience the event as actually being in the past. It is important to know that there is a real physical change happening with EMDR. The events that previously activated the brain into over- reaction no longer have that effect. The person can now react to the present without the past interfering.

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    Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and PTSD
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