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Clinical Consultation & Coaching Services

Not everyone who needs support, requires the intensity of clinical mental health services.

The major difference between therapy and life coaching is the focus of the work. Therapy focuses on mental health and emotional healing, while Life Coaching focuses on setting and achieving goals.

This is why we also offer non-clinical services, such as life coaching and running groups.

Our life coaching service systematically guides clients through the various quadrants of their lives to identify strengths and opportunities for growth. We work to leverage strengths to improve growth areas and achieve greater overall satisfaction.

Clients leave sessions with a clear plan and actionable steps to make the changes necessary to achieve their goals. 

I bet you don't realize how unique your work ethic and resilience actually is. You're so busy getting it all done that you take it for granted.

Your willingness to keep setting goals and going after them, rather than accepting average, is your superpower but it can also be your kryptonite.

Let me guide you in developing the skills to harness your strengths without them becoming your weaknesses.

Ready to Run?

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"After knowing the work Phillip Tucker has done for nearly a decade, it is no wonder he is at the top of my referral list for clients.  Phillip is a deeply compassionate therapist with a sharp clinical edge that serves his clients well, particularly those who are looking for a trauma informed professional.  Phillip is dedicated to staying apprised of the most effective clinical modalities and relentlessly pursues ongoing training to offer the most skillful interventions for his clients.  In addition to this, Phillip engages as a positive figure in the community and serves to lead by example as he directly models self care in his own life."

-Licensed Counselor

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