Life On The Run Podcast cover image by Phillip and Katie Tucker of Shade Tree Therapy
September 16, 2020


Katie and Phil have a better week of training, while trying to keep their recent conversations regarding over training syndrome in mind. The couple seems to be finding their stride as they approach being roughly one third of the way through marathon training.

Warm Up (Weekly Training Update):

The couple discusses the highs and lows of this week's training, including a "spat on the run" (see what we did there) that turned a potential low into a highlight.

Tempo Run (Weekly Segment):

The over training syndrome conversation lingers, leading to a bit more self-care and mindfulness. The Tucker’s discuss some "life" moments from the week.  A big milestone for one member of the family, results in an awkward dad run for Phil.

Gear Check (3star Product Review):

This week's  "3 star" review is a little unorthodox due to a change in metrics, but Phil and Katie give it their best shot as they discuss the Run Wild Non-alcoholic IPA by Athletic Brewing Company. Check out the review to hear about the Athletic Brewing Company mission.

Parenting PR (Proud or Ridiculous Moments):

Choosing to go with proud moments two weeks in a row, this “Parenting PR” is the most emotional to date. The couple gets to brag on their eldest. Tune in and check it out. We all know the oldest has it rough with all those expectations and being the guinea pig, so show some love.

Cool Down  (Resource, Meditation, or Inspiration):

Phil and Katie have a special guest on to share a musical selection for inspiration. Spoiler alert... it's also a proud moment.


More on Garmin's Lactate Threshold feature -


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