Life On The Run Podcast cover image by Phillip and Katie Tucker of Shade Tree Therapy
August 29, 2020

Every day is race day

Training challenges continue as work stress, sleep difficulties, and nutrition challenges prove for a tough week. Katie and Phil discuss over training syndrome in an effort to avoid bad habits pesky injuries that might setback their marathon training.

Warm Up (Weekly Training Update):

This week's training recap offers challenges similar to week two. The couple discusses their efforts to persist despite some discouraging experiences.

Tempo Run (Weekly Segment):

Katie and Phil share an article on overtraining syndrome and discuss how elements of overtraining syndrome may have been contributing factors to past injuries.  Being able to recognize the mental, hormonal, and physical symptoms of overtraining syndrome will hopefully help the couple complete their training schedule and marathon without unnecessary injury.

Parenting PR (Proud or Ridiculous Moments):

If you like flowers, you won't want to miss the Parenting PR, as it's all about random acts of flowers. Katie and Phil share their eldest daughter's mission to spread joy in the world.

Cool Down  (Resource, Meditation, or Inspiration):

Phil uses one of Katie's running sheroes to explain "The Marathon Mentality", an outlook that's about setting intentions, discipline, and resilience.


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