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August 17, 2020

It's a Family Affair

Katie and Phil work to find their pace during marathon training. Katie discovers she's "lost some steps" as a result of working from home during the Covid-19 quarantine . The Parenting PR debuts.

Warm Up (Weekly Training Update):

This week's training recap offers some highs and lows for the couple. The second week of training proved to be more of a challenge than expected.

Tempo Run (Weekly Segment):

The Tucker’s discuss their training from a family perspective. Running has yielded unexpected benefits for their relationship as a couple and their family as a whole.

Gear Check (3star Product Review):

Katie puts Phil's "3 star" method to test again by sharing some reviews on a tried and true yoga mat. The feedback ranges from hilarious to helpful. You be the judge.

Parenting PR (Proud or Ridiculous Moments):

You will not want to miss the debut of the “Parenting PR”. In the running world a PR is a personal record. While we all wish there was such recognition for parenting, we know it’s a thankless job. We decided to create the “Parenting PR” to capture all those “proud” or “ridiculous” moments that make parenting exciting and worthwhile that tend to get overlooked.

Cool Down  (Resource, Meditation, or Inspiration):

Phil teaches Katie the “Spongebob” technique to help deal with the inner critic. It proves to be a funny and helpful resource.


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